Missing, Much? – 5 Things You Should Have Invested In 2023

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In 2023, there were some great chances to make money through investing. If you missed out, don’t worry! Here’s a look at five things you should have put your money into last year.

Dividend Stock Funds

Dividend stock funds were a top pick for investors in 2023. These funds invest in companies that share part of their profits with shareholders. The cool part is, if the company is making good money, you get cash payouts regularly. 

This makes them a great option for people looking to see their investments grow over time. However, it’s important to know that dividends aren’t always a sure thing. If a company faces hard times and profits drop, your payouts might stop. 

So, while there’s a chance to make money, there’s also a risk of not getting much back. To get into dividend stock funds, you can go to brokerage firms, where they’re available for purchase. 

It’s a way to potentially earn from a company’s success without needing to get involved in the day-to-day business​​. For a deeper overview and understanding, here’s an interesting financial recap of 2023 to give you a better idea.

Robo-Advisor Portfolios

In 2023, robo-advisor portfolios were a hit for smart investing. These are clever tools that use software to pick where to put your money. They work out what’s best for you based on your goals and how much risk you’re okay with. 

The great thing about robo-advisors is they’re easy to use and don’t cost much. You can use them anytime, which is handy. But, they don’t give you the personal advice a human financial advisor can, especially when the market goes down. 

So, while they’re good for making investing simple and affordable, they can’t help you feel better in tough times like a real person can. If you fancy giving robo-advisors a try, you can find them on platforms that do automated investing​​.

Real Estate/REITs

Real estate was a solid investment choice in 2023.

Real estate means buying property, like houses or buildings, and it can bring in big returns. But, starting out in real estate can be pricey. If you don’t want the hassle of managing properties, you can go for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) instead. 

REITs let you invest in property without the hard work of looking after it. They own commercial real estate and often give out good dividends. Real estate is great if you’re up for a long-term commitment and have the cash to start. REITs are a simpler option if you’d rather not deal with actual properties​​.

REITs offer a different way to invest in property.

With REITs, you’re basically putting your money into companies that own real estate. This can include office buildings, shopping centres, and apartments. The good thing about REITs is they handle all the property stuff for you. 

They’re known for giving out regular dividends from the rent they collect. Investing in REITs is less about owning property yourself and more about getting a piece of the income from properties owned by these trusts. It’s a smart way to get into real estate without needing a lot of money upfront or dealing with the day-to-day management of properties​​.


In 2023, investing in crypto, like Bitcoin, was a big deal. Crypto is digital money that exists online. It had a tough time before, but last year it made a strong comeback. Crypto prices can change a lot, but in 2023, they mostly went up. This made a lot of people who invested in crypto quite happy because they saw their money grow. 

Companies that deal with crypto, like Coinbase, did really well too. They made more money than people thought they would. Crypto became more popular, with loads of people in the US getting into it. It’s an exciting way to invest, but remember, it can be risky because the prices can go up and down very quickly​​.

Defence Stocks

In 2023, defence stocks were a good choice for investing. With all the troubles in the world, like wars and rising tensions, companies that make military stuff saw their stock prices go up. For example, stocks in companies like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman did well because there was more demand for their products. 

Big events, like the war in Ukraine and conflicts involving Israel, meant these companies got more orders. This increased demand made their stocks more valuable. Investors paid attention to these companies and saw a chance to make money. Investing in defence stocks was a way to benefit from the unfortunate increase in global conflicts​​.

Final Verdict

In 2023, savvy investments like dividend stock funds, robo-advisors, real estate, crypto, and defence stocks were big winners. These options showed how diverse and dynamic the investment world can be. Staying informed and open to different opportunities is key to making the most of your investments in the future.