What Berth Caravan Should You Go For?

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When you’re looking for a caravan, one of the first things to think about is the number of births. A berth is where you sleep in the caravan. The number you need depends on how many people will be sleeping there. Here’s a guide to help you decide.

Sizes of Caravans to Consider

2-Berth Caravans

2-berth caravans are small and light. They are perfect for one person or two people. You can pick from a double bed or two single beds. At night, the seats in the front change into your bed. They’re easy to pull with a car.

3-Berth Caravans

3-berth caravans are good for a small family or a few mates. They have seats at the front that turn into a double bed. There’s also a single bed in the dining area. It’s a bit bigger than a 2-berth but still easy to manage.

4-Berth Caravans

When it comes to choosing a touring campervan, 4 berths are often one of the most popular sizes. They suit couples who want more room or families with up to four people. There’s a living area that has extra beds and a fixed bed at the back. You get a good mix of sleeping space and living area.

5 or 6-Berth Caravans

For bigger families or groups, 5 or 6-berth caravans are best. They have lots of ways to sleep, like bunk beds and beds from the dining area. These caravans are larger, so everyone has space. They’re great for longer trips or more people.

Points to Keep in Min

  • Think About the Future: When you pick a caravan, think about what you might need later. Will your family get bigger? Might you want to bring mates along? Choose a caravan that fits your plans for the future. This way, you won’t have to swap it later, which can save you money and hassle​​.
  • Choose the Right Bed: Your sleep is important. Make sure you pick a caravan with the right bed setup. Think about what kind of bed you want and how you want to use the space. A good night’s sleep makes your holiday better​​.
  • Storage Space: Look for a caravan with enough room for your stuff. You don’t want to be crowded with things everywhere. But, you also want to have all you need to enjoy your trip. Good storage means you can keep things tidy and have a more relaxing time​​.
  • Towing and Weight: Before you buy a caravan, check if your car can tow it. Look at the weight limit. The caravan’s weight should match what your car can handle. This keeps you safe on the road and makes sure you’re following the law​​.
  • Single or Twin Axle: Single-axle caravans are easier to move and pull. They’re good for beginners. Twin axle caravans are bigger and more stable but need a stronger car to tow. Think about what you’re comfortable with and what your car can do​​.

Caravan Types:

  • Single-Axle Caravans: These caravans are built on two wheels. They’re easier to drive around, especially in tight places. Most cars can pull them. They use less fuel and are cheaper to insure. Plus, they’re easier to store. Single-axle caravans are a good choice if you’re new to towing and travelling with caravans​​.
  • Twin Axle Caravans: These are bigger caravans with four wheels. They give you more space inside and are more stable when you’re driving. But, they’re harder to move around, especially when parking. They use more fuel and cost more to insure. You need a stronger car to pull these. Choose a twin axle caravan if you need more room and are okay with the bigger size​

Bed Layouts:

Island Bed

Island beds are double beds you can walk around on three sides. The bed head is against a wall. This layout gives you privacy and comfort. You don’t have to make the bed every night. It’s a practical choice.

Fixed Bed

Fixed beds are always ready for sleep. They can be a double or two single beds. They’re usually against a wall or in a corner. This saves you time because you don’t have to set up the bed each day. It’s a handy option.

Transverse Bed

A transverse bed is a double bed placed against the side of the caravan. It’s good for families with kids. The bed can be used by the children during the day. But, walking past it at night might disturb sleep.

French Bed

A French bed runs along the caravan wall. You have to climb over to get out. It’s cosy and has lots of storage under the bed. This layout suits some people but might not be right for everyone.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great for families with small children. They’re fun and save space. But, as the kids grow, you might need to think about a different layout. Bunk beds are a smart choice for young families.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right berth caravan depends on who’s going, how many people, and what you want from your holiday. From small 2-berth caravans for solo trips for couples to larger 5 or 6-berth options for big families or groups, there’s something for everyone. 

Remember to think about the future, pick the right bed, check storage space, and make sure your car can tow the caravan. Whether you choose a single or twin axle, and what bed layout you go for, all depend on your needs. This guide should help you find the perfect caravan for your adventures.